Thursday, February 23, 2012

Route 1 Ride AKA The Bus 17

There's an exciting new initiative to increase connectivity in the Route 1 corridor and get people from parts north down to us in the Gateway Arts District.  Called Route 1 Ride, this is a Prince George's County transit initiative to increase service on The Bus 17 route and hopefully have people trade car trips for bus trips.  Running from Mount Rainier to IKEA for just $1, and free to University of Maryland students, this is a forward thinking initiative to make our county more sustainable, our local economy more healthy, and provide affordable alternative transportation.

Map and stop finder

There is also a plan to "wrap" the buses in an eye catching design to reflect the route's origin in the Gateway Arts District and highlight the unique charm of living in a Route 1 community.  Call for artists to design the wrap is here.

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