Thursday, February 9, 2012

Meeting Summary - February 7, 2012 City Council

The February 7, 2012 meeting of Mayor and Council was held at Rainier Manor senior apartments, 3001 Queens Chapel Road, as part of the council's effort to occasionally hold meetings away from city hall to allow more residents to participate.

The major old business was approval of Ordinance 2-2012, Approving transfer of funds from the city's reserve fund in the amount of $438,500.  The major expenditures included replacement of the emergency generator at Mount Rainier Police Department using $185,000 of restricted public safety funds from the speed camera program.  The city also allocated $211,000 to complete construction drawings for the civic center project, which will make the project "shovel ready" and more attracted for grant funding.

New business included appointing David DeRosa, Ashley Herbert, and Pastor Brian Adams to the Youth and Recreation Committee (which has really taking off lately!) and appointing MaryLee Haughwout and Joseph Jakuta to the Environmental Protection Board.

The council also voted to send a letter to the General Assembly in support of full funding for the Heritage Areas program.  Mount Rainier is in the Anacostia Heritage Trails Area (ATHA) and the program has funded many good projects in the Gateway and Port Towns area.

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