Monday, November 12, 2012

Updated Street Sense Proposal for 3200 Block Rhode Island Ave Redevelopment

On Thursday, November 8, 2012, the Mount Rainier City Council voted to award the contract for redevelopment of the 3200 block of Rhode Island Avenue to Street Sense and the Neighborhood Development Company. This is a $55 million project featuring 210 Apartments, 18,255 square feet retail, and 250 total parking spaces. Project timeline: land closing 2Q 2013, project delivery 4Q 2014, project stabilization 4Q 2015. See below for the updated visuals for the proposal, but first some additional info from Thursday's meeting that is not reflected in the graphics.

Guy Silverman of Street Sense stated that:
  • Based on feedback from residents and council, they plan on at least LEED Gold for this project and are considering Platinum
  • With about 18,000 square feet of retail, we can expect small stores and there probably will not be an anchor tenant
  • During the design phase they will be sensitive to the needs of Perry Street residents who back up to the 3200 block redevelopment. These concerns were so strong that they are actually incorporated into the Mixed Use Town Center Plan update that was issued in 2010. (The design below reflects a great deal of massing at the rear of the property, creating the potential for looming over and/or shading homes.)
  • They will consider expanding the parking garage to add capacity that serves the entire town center area (which some consider underparked because the existing commercial stock dates from streetcar days.)