Tuesday, October 18, 2011

3200 block Rhode Island Ave: Street Sense Proposal

At a special meeting of the Mount Rainier City Council on Monday, October 17, 2011, Street Sense presented a concept development plan for the 3200 block of Rhode Island Avenue (the former Bass Liquors and funeral home properties currently owned by the city).

I personally believe that redeveloping this block, which is the front door of Mount Rainier, is absolutely vital to the economic health of our city.  Simply removing the blight would do wonders for first impressions of our great city, but increased tax base and retail spaces that serve our residents are also important project outcomes.
Proposed floor plan, ground floor of 3200 block Rhode Island Ave
Please keep in mind that the city council has not made any decisions at this point, and, in fact, another developer is due to present a proposal.   Note that Street Sense has indicated its willingness to negotiate many of the details contained in this proposal - a good sign for the true partnership that the city is looking for.  So please take a look at the basic concept and share your thoughts with me.

This is an issue I'll be tracking closely, and I know many of you are as interested as I am.  If you want to receive specific updates on the development process please email me and let me know, but I will do my best to keep this blog up to date as well.

Click through for the full plan

Sorry but my scanner made each page separate.


  1. Thank you for making this accessible to our community. Look forward to knowing more about the proposal and agree with you that this corner of Mount Rainier is a critical welcome mat for the entire community's identity.

  2. "The City-owned parcel will need to be contributed for no consideration ($0)." Was that the plan when we bought the land last year? Have we come to believe it is inevitable?

    We have empty storefronts in our other fancy new building across the street, why won't this one sit empty too? I worry this just throws money at a problem that needs more sustainable buildup. Fix the traffic situation on RI Ave. Get a coop of good businesses to come in and see if they can make it together, rather than each one coming in and dying out on its own.

  3. I second Brooke:)
    Those of us who have seen the wonderful growth here in mount Rainier:) Knows what in stored for the future! and that is success! As business owners, homeowners, & etc. we must work together to enrich our community:) Thank you for this report and all your work that is going into this community. We also must support the businesses here in Mount Rainier by any means necessary:) Because it belongs to ALL of US. Mount Rainier is a Diamond. Nisey
    Nisey's Boutique