Thursday, October 3, 2013

County Bans Plastic Yard Waste Bags

County Bans Plastic Yard Waste Bags

Attention Mount Rainier residents - beginning January 1, 2014 Prince George's County will no longer accept yard waste in plastic bags. Although Mount Rainier Public Works is responsible for yard waste pickup in the city, the collected yard waste is taken to the county facility so city residents must comply with this policy. This is a good policy shift because it moves the county away from unsustainable single-use plastics, and also because it facilitates better composting of yard waste at the county facility.

City residents have two options for yard waste going forward:
1) Use the large brown paper yard waste bags that can be purchased cheaply at many retailers
2) Designate a garbage can or similar reusable receptacle for yard waste. Please clearly mark such a container as "Yard Waste" and please use a lid to prevent trash and/or rodents from getting into the container.

County DER Flyer on Yard Waste Policy

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