Sunday, September 2, 2012

Barricade at 31st and Perry Streets

In July the Neighborhood Design Center presented a concept plan for making the barricade at 31st and Perry permanent. (At the time of installation, the council promised to make the barricade permanent if it worked as intended - now we are trying to follow through.) The barricade has reduced cut through traffic to basically zero, which is terrific given all the kids who have come to Perry Street in the last few years. It has also significantly reduced MRPD service calls for suspicious activity, and we think a permanent barricade that can't be moved will reduce shady activity even further.
Schematic of proposed improvements to public space around 31st and Perry Streets
The city hopes to accomplish multiple goals with this plan: 1) replace the ugly barricade with something permanent and more attractive, 2) address stormwater runoff resulting from the grade of the intersection and inadequate drainage, and 3) beautify the corner area and the triangular "park" so it's more than just an weed choked empty lot. We currently have money that can only be used for public safety purposes and hope to use that plus grant funding to support this project.

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