Monday, April 11, 2011

Neighborhood Watch Walk

Since February, Mount Rainier's neighborhood watch program has really been revitalized.  Rick Ruggles and John Campanile hosted an organizing meeting February 27 and have been serving as coordinators of the growing effort.  The initial meeting was attended by over two dozen people from all over town, many of whom expressed interest in organizing their own blocks as part of the greater effort.
Thanks to MRPD for "walking" with us!

One of the most exciting things to come out of this effort is a series of neighborhood watch walks that occur every few weeks in different parts of town.  I missed the first one taking my wife out for her birthday, but we joined tonight's walk through Ward One.  I thought the walk was a great opportunity to meet neighbors and get out and see other parts of town.  The next walk is already in the works so stay tuned for more information!

Thanks to Rick Ruggles for organizing tonight's walk.  If you want to get involved with neighborhood watch I would be happy to connect you with Rick, who gets bonus points in my book for picking up trash along the walk and digging bottles out of storm drains leading to the Anacostia River.

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